Science of Software (learning)

“What is learning?” is such a deceptively simple question: three words asking two questions. In the first place ‘learning’ is the accumulation of information – but it is much more than just that. Secondly, the neural networks of the brain appear to do the ‘learning’, but the paradox is that we know neurons no more […]

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Science of Software (discovery)

When Crick and Watson published their ground-breaking discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule, the world gained more than a blueprint for the genetic transference of physical traits in living things.   It gained an insight into a code by which life itself is constructed. In addition it revealed the process whereby biological information […]

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Down the ages there has been near universal agreement that there is some additional ‘force’ in addition to the visible brain: Ka, vital essence, Atman, Mind, Soul….. All these observers had something else in common: none had the privilege of programming a computer! For the last fifty years we have thought of computers only as […]

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Clues to consciousness

In the 17th century Galileo and Hooke looked through their telescopes and microscopes and were able to see things never visible before. In so doing so they opened up the whole field of science. In the nineteenth century, observing how steam engines generated electricity helped us begin to understand thermodynamics and formulate the laws of […]

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Intelligence, Thinking and Creativity.

For millennia our ancestors were just part of the crowd of living organisms jostling for space and scarce recourses. Then around one or two hundred thousand years ago something happened that changed the name of the gain, and has led us to near total domination of our planet and maybe exploration of space. Massive advances […]

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