IMPLICATIONS of New Research into Memory Retention, Recognition, Recall & Retrieval.

There is a long history of research into memory recall over the last 150 years, but recent discoveries in cognitive evolution; computer systems analysis; quantum physics and information processing; and a plethora of scanning systems has opened new perspectives. We think we may have identified a piece of the jigsaw that makes it easier to […]

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Ri Press Release

At the Royal Institution of Great Britain on the 25th July 2013 twenty five members of the Brain Mind Forum conducted a robust, reliable and repeatable experiment that demonstrated conclusively that all the participants formed a minimal ‘memory’ of every one of a series of images that were displayed for only two seconds each. As […]

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Report of an experiment and demonstration to define and explore the smallest measurable stable unit of memory in the brain.

In the Sunley Room of the Royal Institution of Great Britain at 15.00 on the 25th July 2013, twenty five guests of the Brain Mind Forum participated in a proof of concept experiment and demonstration. These experiments and demonstrations were designed to define and explore the smallest measurable stable unit of memory in the brain, […]

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To carry out a programme of experiments to measure the time taken by a cross section of people to form stable memories with sufficient precision to note variations between individuals in a wide spectrum of age groups, backgrounds and occupations and over time. Summary It has been assumed for some while that we ‘remember’ everything […]

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Moderators 2013

Eric Kandel – Nobel Prize. Aplysia Gerald Edelman – Nobel Prize Remembered Present. Brian  Josephson – Nobel Prize Neuroquantology Daniel Kahneman – Nobel Prize Thinking Fast & Slow Colin Blakemore – FTWT,  Million new Neurons per sec Sir Roger Penrose – Microtubules Steven Rose – Memory Joshua Foer – US Memory Champion V S Ramachandran Tim Brady – MIT Maggie (Dr Margaret Bowden) – Brighton […]

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